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Ethiopia is one of Africa’s most prolific bird watching destinations. With over 850 recorded bird species and 39 of these being endemics or near-endemics Ethiopia is a must-visit birding location for any serious birding enthusiast. The bird populations swell between the months of November and February when some 200 species of Palaearctic migrants arrive from Europe and Asia to join the already abundant number of birds that can be found in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is one of the most fascinating African countries for birding, with new and exciting discoveries being made every year, and is surely also one of the most enjoyable, what with its wonderful light, diverse habitats, amazing scenery and very rich and often colourful avifauna. Habitats are mostly open and there is no need to stay in the vehicles anywhere on the tour, so one can walk at will and follow any of the more secretive species. 

Here is a list of few endemic and rare birds of Ethiopia :
Basra Reed Warbler,Greater Spotted Eagle, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Black-winged Lovebird, Shoebill, Wattled Ibis, Nechisar Nightjar, Sombre Rock Chat, White-collared Pigeon, Thick-billed Raven, Brown-faced Go-away-bird, Blue-winged Goose, Abyssinian Roller, Little Brown Bustard, Chestnut-naped Francolin, Great Snipe, Black-winged Pratincole, Wattled Crane, White-tailed Swallow, Banded Barbet, Abyssinian Longclaw, Friedmann’s Lark, Abyssinian Black Wheatear, White-billed Starling, Ethiopian Black-headed Oriole, White-backed Tit, Ethiopian Cliff Swallow, Lesser Flamingo, Yellow-fronted Parrot, White-winged Flufftail, Yellow-Throated Seedeater, Brown-rumped Seedeater, White-winged Collared Dove, Prince Ruspoli’s Turaco, Spot-breasted Lapwing


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