Historical Tours

Ethiopia is a fantastic country where facts and legends easily mingle. 

Historical Tours in Ethiopia

This private, tailor-made,We arrange individual customised historical tours throughout the year  to suit your individual interests and requirements. Ethiopia has many renowned historical attractions and many of which are termed as UNESCO world heritage sites and some of them are the incredible rock hewn churches of Lalibela; the pre-Christian stelae at Axum; the marvellous 17th century castles in Gondar and the island monasteries in Lake Tana.  The 12th Century rock-hewn churches of Lalibela are a true delight to watch in our historic tour. In Axum you can see the relics of a historic empire and you can experience the sanctity of the Ethiopian Orthodox church. Gondar is a must watch destination in your historical trip to North Ethiopia. We will also take you to The Royal enclosure and Debre Berhan Selassie church while you drive from Bahir Dar. The country has attractions like St. Mary Zion Church, the last residence of the ark of the Covenant, North Stelae Field and ruins of ancient palaces and many of the historical sites has attracted travellers to the region for centuries and we want to leave you totally immersed in the country’s culture.


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