Ethiopia is a land full of amazing things and it offers a wealth of superb trekking and a rich cultural heritage to explore, and you can experience some of the finest mountain scenery in Africa, notably in the World Heritage, Simien Mountains National Park. The Simien Mountains offer some of the most stunning trekking in the whole of Africa. The National Park showcases incredible mountain scenery and is teeming with endemic wildlife. Plenty of Gelada Baboons are virtually guaranteed and you can view Wallia Ibex or elusive Ethiopian Wolf framed against the dramatic scenery. In the northern part of Ethiopia, one can visit the country’s highest summit, Ras Dashen (4543m). This area comprises of several major plateaux, dramatic escarpments and pinnacles which are characteristic of the range, giving it the name ‘Africa’s Grand Canyon’.The Simien Mountains offer some of the most stunning trekking in the whole of Africa. The National Park boasts truly incredible mountain scenery and is teeming with endemic wildlife. Sightings of Gelada Baboons are virtually guaranteed and seeing the Wallia Ibex or elusive Ethiopian Wolf framed against the dramatic scenery is something else. 


This private, tailor-made,We arrange individual customised historical tours throughout the year  to suit your individual interests and requirements. Ethiopia has many renowned historical attractions and many of which are termed as UNESCO world heritage sites and some of them are the incredible rock hewn churches of Lalibela; the pre-Christian stelae at Axum; the marvellous 17th century castles in Gondar and the island monasteries in Lake Tana.  The 12th Century rock-hewn churches of Lalibela are a true delight to watch in our historic tour. In Axum you can see the relics of a historic empire and you can experience the sanctity of the Ethiopian Orthodox church. Gondar is a must watch destination in your historical trip to North Ethiopia. We will also take you to The Royal enclosure and Debre Berhan Selassie church while you drive from Bahir Dar. The country has attractions like St. Mary Zion Church, the last residence of the ark of the Covenant, North Stelae Field and ruins of ancient palaces and many of the historical sites has attracted travellers to the region for centuries and we want to leave you totally immersed in the country’s culture.


Ethiopia is one of Africa’s most prolific bird watching destinations. With over 850 recorded bird species and 39 of these being endemics or near-endemics Ethiopia is a must-visit birding location for any serious birding enthusiast. The bird populations swell between the months of November and February when some 200 species of Palaearctic migrants arrive from Europe and Asia to join the already abundant number of birds that can be found in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is one of the most fascinating African countries for birding, with new and exciting discoveries being made every year, and is surely also one of the most enjoyable, what with its wonderful light, diverse habitats, amazing scenery and very rich and often colourful avifauna. Habitats are mostly open and there is no need to stay in the vehicles anywhere on the tour, so one can walk at will and follow any of the more secretive species. 

Here is a list of few endemic and rare birds of Ethiopia :
Basra Reed Warbler,Greater Spotted Eagle, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Black-winged Lovebird, Shoebill, Wattled Ibis, Nechisar Nightjar, Sombre Rock Chat, White-collared Pigeon, Thick-billed Raven, Brown-faced Go-away-bird, Blue-winged Goose, Abyssinian Roller, Little Brown Bustard, Chestnut-naped Francolin, Great Snipe, Black-winged Pratincole, Wattled Crane, White-tailed Swallow, Banded Barbet, Abyssinian Longclaw, Friedmann’s Lark, Abyssinian Black Wheatear, White-billed Starling, Ethiopian Black-headed Oriole, White-backed Tit, Ethiopian Cliff Swallow, Lesser Flamingo, Yellow-fronted Parrot, White-winged Flufftail, Yellow-Throated Seedeater, Brown-rumped Seedeater, White-winged Collared Dove, Prince Ruspoli’s Turaco, Spot-breasted Lapwing


There is no other place in the world where one can enjoy great wildlife and landscape photography and combine it with extraordinary cultural experiences. Ethiopia has all of this and more: the awesome landscapes and wildlife of the Bale and Simien Mountains, the spectacular cranes and other waterbirds of the Rift Valley Lakes and the palaces of Gondar, home of many of Ethiopia’s kings and emperors.

You can visit the Omo River Valley for an extraordinary cultural experience and outstanding photography. It is truly like going back in time 20,000 years. You can also visit the Mursi, Surma, Karo, and Hamar tribes, and you will have up close and intimate portrait opportunities that you’ll treasure forever. After that you can visit the Christian north of the country then you can fly into Gondar and then drive to the beautiful Simien Mountains. Here you can take photographs of wonderful landscapes and, in addition, you will have close encounters with wild and exotic gelada monkeys where you can take stunning portraits and even wide angle shots. Later yu can visit Lalibela, the location of the amazing rock-hewn churches that date from the 11th century. These churches are what’s left after the surrounding rocks were cut away. It’s brilliant architecture, and along with the Ethiopian priests as models, the photography here is fabulous.


White water rafting is one of the most captivating as well as physically demanding adventure sports around Ethiopia Ethiopia’s rivers have played an important role in the internationalization of this blend of sport, ecotourism and adventure. It is a high-adrenaline sport of navigating a river in an inflatable raft, involves several levels of difficulty, depending on how choppy the river is. Best places for river rafting in Ethiopia are as under :

Blue Nile River Rafting:
Blue Nile River trips range from gentle float trips to exciting and challenging whitewater adventures. White water rafting is also can be done on the famous Blue Nile River, where attracting various well organized and successful rafting expeditions. Rafting on Blue Nile takes you crossing through the dramatic and magnificent Blue Nile gorge the largest cited canyon in Africa, and often comparable with the America’s grand canyon and the Namibia’s Fish River Canyon.

Awash River Rafting:
Bordering and traverses the Awash National park, some twenty eight kilometers (17 miles) stretch of the Awash River offers outstanding short day rafting vacation, featuring lots of spirited rapids, wildlife and impressive rugged cliffs and side canyons.

Omo River Rafting:
The Omo River is rated as one of the world’s great rafting destination. Ethiopia’s Omo River gives rafters a chance for true expedition-style adventures on remote, multi-day trips. Steep canyons, isolated tribes, and abundant wildlife give these trips a unique flair.

Whitewater Rafting in Ethiopia In the same way, the river scores quite well among rafting enthusiasts as well. From challenging fast-moving water and superb terrains to striking wild lives and lush green forestry – the river has it all. A rafter gets to discover a lot, once he starts exploring the fascinating Omo River. The welcoming whitewaters of high-levels can offer the most spectacular view and off route, the most electrifying rafting adventures. However, none of the rapids are much threatening, thus providing blissful excitement all the way! As you raft through the desolate lands, you are sure to enjoy every bit of the exciting trip. Along with the alluring whitewaters of the Omo River, a rafter is bound to get thrilled by the splendor of the breathtaking scenery. Streaming through the gorges, you can get a glimpse of the puzzling tribal culture along the riverside. It is even said that some of these desolate places by the riverside are still virtually unknown to the rest of the world.


Ethiopia is a wonderful country with a rich culture, history and outstanding natural beauty. Cycling through Ethiopia was the best way to see the country. By air, you do not see rural Ethiopia between the big towns. By car, you go past too quickly. But by bike, you have a chance to savour the sounds and smells of the country, to stop at the roadside and meet people, and begin to get a feel for the country. Riding a bike on the quiet, smooth roads, through the magnificent landscapes offers a unique way of seeing this fascinating country and an experience. Ethiopia is an exceptional interesting country for bicycle tours. The climate is pleasant, the landscape varies from green rolling hills to dramatic mountains with impressive views, lakes, rivers and waterfalls, savannah and desert, fertile highlands, forests and National Parks. But one of the greatest charms of Ethiopia are its friendly people, stunning street life and many small settlements of some scattered huts with playing children and cattle around them.