Cycling in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a wonderful country with a rich culture, history and outstanding natural beauty. Cycling through Ethiopia was the best way to see the country. By air, you do not see rural Ethiopia between the big towns. By car, you go past too quickly. But by bike, you have a chance to savour the sounds and smells of the country, to stop at the roadside and meet people, and begin to get a feel for the country. Riding a bike on the quiet, smooth roads, through the magnificent landscapes offers a unique way of seeing this fascinating country and an experience. Ethiopia is an exceptional interesting country for bicycle tours. The climate is pleasant, the landscape varies from green rolling hills to dramatic mountains with impressive views, lakes, rivers and waterfalls, savannah and desert, fertile highlands, forests and National Parks. But one of the greatest charms of Ethiopia are its friendly people, stunning street life and many small settlements of some scattered huts with playing children and cattle around them.

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