Omo Valley and Bale Excursion – 10 Days

Arrival   Bole International Airport

If you are arriving the day before your tour,we   will meet you at the airport regardless of arrival time.  We can book this hotel night for you upon request.  If you arrive in the morning on the first day of the tour, you may begin after checking into your hotel. The order of sites visited in the Omo can change depending upon lodge availability and weekly market days.

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Addis Ababa - Arba Minch

Drive to Arba Minch via Hoseana. En route visit Melka Kunture, a stone-age archeological site; Adadi Mariam, the southern most of Ethiopia’s ancient rock- hewn churches; and Tiya, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its mysterious stelae, thought to be grave markers, dating from the 12th century. ​
Overnight Lodge  (B, L, D)


Arba Minch - Jinka

Take a boat trip on Lake Chamo and view crocodiles sunning on the lakeshore, pods of hippopotami and the abundant birdlife.  Drive to Jinka through areas inhabited by various peoples such as the Konso, Tseme, Benna and Ari.  Once in Jinka, visit a nearby village of the Ari people.​

Overnight Lodge  (B, L, D)

Mago National Park

Early morning drive to the Mago National Park to visit the Mursi people. The Mursi women are well known for the clay plates they insert into their lower lips.  In the afternoon, visit the Omo Valley museum in Jinka.
Overnight Lodge  (B, L, D)

Jinka - Turmi

Drive to Turmi in the heartland of the  Hamer people.  The Hamer are known for their body decorations and the clay and ochre that is used to create their unique hairstyles.  Turmi is a very small town and nearby we explore a Hamer village and meet some of the locals.

Overnight Lodge  (B, L, D))

Karo Excursion

Drive to Murele stopping at Kangaton to visit a village of the Nyangatom.  Continue towards Mureles and visit the Karo people, known for their elaborate body-painting.  Return to Turmi for the evening.
 Overnight Lodge (B, L, D)

Omorate Excursion

Excursion from Turmi to Omorate.  Crossing of the Omo River via a traditional canoe (a recently built bridge now also allows for optional crossing via tour vehicle.).  Visit a village of another Omo tribe, the Dasanech, a semi nomadic people who are one of the more numerous tribes (population about 70,000) in the Omo. Return to Turmi in the afternoon.​
Overnight Lodge  (B, L, D)


Turmi - Konso

Drive to Konso, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. A highland people, the Konso are known for the ancient and intricate terraces that encircle their well-planned villages. Each Konso village begins on a hill top. As the population grows a new “ring” of homes are built around the hilltop. When the final “ring” reaches near the bottom of the hill, a new village on a different hill must be built. Look for the “generation pole” located in each village. Every 18 years and new pole is added to the others making it easy to calculate the age of the village.

 Overnight Lodge (B, L, D)

Konso - Hawassa

Drive to the lakeside town of Hawassa. En route, visit a Dorze Village in the Guge Mountains. The Dorze are known for their tall, beehive- shaped bamboo houses. If the base becomes infested with termites, the entire house can be lifted and moved to another location.

Overnight Hotel (B, L, D)


Hawassa - Bale Mountains

Drive to the Bale Mountains National Park and meet with park guide. Arrive at the park headquarters in the afternoon, in time for a leisurely afternoon hike, possibly spotting two endemic mammals that frequent the area: Menelik’s Bushbuck and the Mountain Nyala. Birds in this area include the Blue-Winged Goose, the Spot-Breasted Lapwing, the Abyssinian Long Claw, the Wattled Ibis, the Black- Headed Siskin, Rouget’s Rail, and numerous other species.

Overnight Hotel (B, L, D)


Bale Mountains - Addis Ababa

Drive to Addis Ababa stopping at Rift Valley Lakes that are renowned for their endemic birdlife.  Upon arrival in Addis Ababa, optional souvenir shopping if time permits.  Enjoy a Farewell dinner at a traditional Ethiopian restaurant featuring dancers and musicians representing some of the country’s many ethnic groups.  Transfer to airport for late night departure or additional hotel night booked upon request.

 (B, L, D)


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