Rafting in Ethiopia

White water rafting is one of the most captivating as well as physically demanding adventure sports around Ethiopia Ethiopia’s rivers have played an important role in the internationalization of this blend of sport, ecotourism and adventure. It is a high-adrenaline sport of navigating a river in an inflatable raft, involves several levels of difficulty, depending on how choppy the river is. Best places for river rafting in Ethiopia are as under :

Blue Nile River Rafting:
Blue Nile River trips range from gentle float trips to exciting and challenging whitewater adventures. White water rafting is also can be done on the famous Blue Nile River, where attracting various well organized and successful rafting expeditions. Rafting on Blue Nile takes you crossing through the dramatic and magnificent Blue Nile gorge the largest cited canyon in Africa, and often comparable with the America’s grand canyon and the Namibia’s Fish River Canyon.

Awash River Rafting:
Bordering and traverses the Awash National park, some twenty eight kilometers (17 miles) stretch of the Awash River offers outstanding short day rafting vacation, featuring lots of spirited rapids, wildlife and impressive rugged cliffs and side canyons.

Omo River Rafting:
The Omo River is rated as one of the world’s great rafting destination. Ethiopia’s Omo River gives rafters a chance for true expedition-style adventures on remote, multi-day trips. Steep canyons, isolated tribes, and abundant wildlife give these trips a unique flair.

Whitewater Rafting in Ethiopia In the same way, the river scores quite well among rafting enthusiasts as well. From challenging fast-moving water and superb terrains to striking wild lives and lush green forestry – the river has it all. A rafter gets to discover a lot, once he starts exploring the fascinating Omo River. The welcoming whitewaters of high-levels can offer the most spectacular view and off route, the most electrifying rafting adventures. However, none of the rapids are much threatening, thus providing blissful excitement all the way! As you raft through the desolate lands, you are sure to enjoy every bit of the exciting trip. Along with the alluring whitewaters of the Omo River, a rafter is bound to get thrilled by the splendor of the breathtaking scenery. Streaming through the gorges, you can get a glimpse of the puzzling tribal culture along the riverside. It is even said that some of these desolate places by the riverside are still virtually unknown to the rest of the world.

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